Mouthmun VoIP Service

Mouthmun uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to convert "voice" to digital signals and transmitting them through the Internet (IP). An alternative, more economical option for voice communication, it offers lower cost than normal telephone calls while providing similar sound quality.
VoIP: PC to PC
Make PC-to-PC call
for as long as you want for FREE with Mouthmun software!
VoIP: PC to Phone
Make PC-to-Phone calls
using Mouthmun software to anywhere
in the world!

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Country/Region Fixed
HongkongHongkong 0.90 0.90
ChinaChina 0.65 0.65
United StatesUnited States 0.46 1.00
SingaporeSingapore 0.46 0.46
ThailandThailand 0.76 0.76
CombodiaIndia 1.00 1.00
CombodiaCambodia 3.20 3.20
VietnamVietnam 3.50 3.50

Special Refund Guarantee
by Mouthmun VoIP Service

We guarantee refunds for any problems caused by our system.
JI-Net will provide a full refund to any customer if there is a malfunction in our system.