Users can make calls from their computers over the Internet to another computer at no charge. Both dialing and recipient computers must Download and Install the Softphone program. You must register to get a Mouthmun ID to make calls.

How to make MouthFree calls

Dial the recipient's Mouthmun ID (10 digits beginning with 00 e.g. 0012345678) To the receive the call, the computer at the other end must have the Softphone program downloaded and logged in. There are no charge for MouthFree calls

Requirement Install

A desktop or notebook computer with the following minimum specifications:
Windows 95/98/98SE/NT/2000/ME/XP operating system
Pentium II CPU or higher, 64 RAM
A headset and microphone or microphone and speaker
Sound card
An open Internet connection
(Sound quality may vary depending on the connection.
Minimum speed of 40 kbps recommended.)
Softphone program