Users can make calls from their computers over the Internet to any fixed-line or mobile phone number anywhere in the world at low rates. The dialing computer must Download and Install the Softphone program and a Mouthmun ID with remaining balance to make calls.

How to make MouthFone calls

There are two ways to make MouthFone calls:

1. Use your Username and Password to top up your MouthMun account by logging on to and going to Members Corner. (You must log in to the system using your designated MouthMun ID and Password which you receive upon registration as a member). Alternatively, top up your account through your Softphone program by going to the Setting menu and choosing Top Up. This option enables you to collect points for reward redemption at MouthMun shops.

2. Entering the Username in your Mouthmun package as your Mouthmun ID in Softphone (using the designated 8-digit password in the package). However, using this option does not make you a Mouthmun member and thus you will not be able to collect points for gift redemption under our Membership Reward program.

Then dial the destination number as follows: Country Code + Area Code + Number For example:
» To call a mobile phone number in Thailand dial 668-1234-5678
» To call a fixed-line number in Bangkok dial 66-2234-5678
» To call USA dial 1-213-4138888
» To call China dial 86-755-61338888
» To call Hong Kong dial 852-2377-8888

Requirement Install

A desktop or notebook computer with the following minimum specifications:
Windows 95/98/98SE/NT/2000/ME/XP operating system
Pentium II CPU or higher, 64 RAM
A headset and microphone or microphone and speaker
Sound card
An open Internet connection
(Sound quality may vary depending on the connection.
Minimum speed of 40 kbps recommended.)
Softphone program
Pin code